We are all travellers

We travel physically to uplift our spirits. We travel intellectually to stimulate our minds. We also travel within to reconnect with our memories, feelings and yearnings. Inspired Traveller’s open and tailored programs offer a space for you to retreat from the demands of your everyday life. They offer a space for you to reflect on what’s truly meaningful in your life. They also offer a space for you to restore your spirits and well-being. Our vision is to support and inspire you on your many journeys.



'Words are insufficient to express how wonderful the Writing in Kyoto tour was. Everything about it was amazing. William was a wonderful, gentle, patient, knowledgeable and attentive guide. Stephanie is inspirational! Just being in her presence is a life changing experience. The writing workshops were profound, expertly delivered and encouraged us to extend ourselves. Kyoto was a delight. So beautiful. To be there in Autumn added to the special experience.
The tour was the perfect blend of writing workshops, sightseeing and comfort. And oh the food!'

Sandi Hill on Writing in Kyoto 2012.

Upcoming retreat

      Singing the Sacred with Kim Cunio & Heather Lee

      5 - 15 January 2015

      Auroville is a unique ‘universal city’ for study, contemplation and artistic pursuit, and the perfect place to sing and explore the transformative power of music. This small group singing retreat allows you to develop your voice at whatever level you’re at in a holistic and deeply engaging manner. Facilitated by Lecturer and composer Kim Cunio, PhD as well as award winning opera singer, Heather Lee mornings will be spent singing and studying sacred music in a highly supportive atmosphere. In the afternoons you can choose between exploring Auroville’s delights with the group or resting and reflecting with the occasional ‘moonlight’singing in the evening. Each participant will also receive two private vocal sessions with Heather.

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